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Welcome To Insider Threat Defense

  • Insider Threat Defense has become the "Leader-Go To Company" for:

    • Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training (National Insider Threat Policy, NISPOM Conforming Change 2)

    • Insider Threat Program Management With Legal Guidance Training Course

    • Insider Threat Program Working Group Training

    • Employee Threat Identification And Mitigation Training

    • Insider Threat Risk Management Services

  • Insider Threat Defense is excited to announce we have provided our training and services to 540+ organizations and 680+ security professionals working for; Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Aviation / Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing-Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking - Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large and small businesses. Organizations that are serious about "Mitigating The Insider Threat", choose Insider Threat Defense. (Client Listing)

  • Insider Threat Defense offers our clients proven Experience, Past Performance, Comprehensive Training, Commitment, Research, Collaboration, Awards.




NISPOM Conforming Change 2 Overview

  • NISPOM Conforming Change 2 was released on May 21, 2016.

  • DIB Contractors must have a written Insider Threat Program Plan in place to begin implementing an Insider Threat Program, no later then November 30, 2016.

  • Do you need an Insider Threat Program Plan / Template? DSS Reps. are accepting our plan, because unlike the DSS template, our plan explains and maps out the Insider Threat Program requirements in detail. Please contact us if you are interest in purchasing a plan.

  • Is your company ready for a DSS Security Vulnerability Assessment to evaluate your Insider Threat Program? We can assist you, just give us a call.


Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training For NISPOM Conforming Change 2   

Brochure / Instructor Experience / Bio



Who Should Attend?

  • The Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training Course is designed for individuals who are responsible for, or involved in; Insider Threat Program Development / Implementation / Management and Insider Threat Risk Mitigation. (Insider Threat Program Managers, Insider Threat Analysts, Insider Threat Support Personnel, Facilities Security Officers (FSO's), Chief Security Officers (CSO's), Human Resources-Personnel, Chief Information Officers (CIO’s), Information Technology (IT) / Network Administrators-Security Administrators, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s), Information Systems Security Managers / Officers (ISSM's-ISSO's), Information Assurance Managers (IAM's, IAO's), Contracting Officers and Legal / General Counsel)



Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training -- Key Learning Objectives (2 Days)

Key Learning Objectives / Topics

  • Insider Threat Terminology

  • How Damaging And Costly An Insider Threat Incident Can Incident Can Be (Various Examples, Case Studies)

  • The Behavioral Indicators Of Concern To An Insider Threat Program (Witting, Unwitting)

  • The Security Policies And Procedures Needed To Build A Foundation Of Security For The Protection Of The Organization Assets And Insider Threat Risk Mitigation

  • The Importance Of Gaining Buy-In From Senior Management And Defining The Scope Of An Insider Threat Program

  • The Essential Elements Needed For Successful Insider Threat Program Development - Management And Insider Threat Risk Mitigation

  • How To Develop And Manage Insider Threat Program Per NISPOM Conforming Change 2 Requirements And Achieve Compliance (DSS ISL-2016-02)

  • Why Going Beyond NISPOM Conforming Change 2 Requirements Is Essential For Successful Insider Threat Risk Mitigation

  • How To Create An Insider Threat Risk Management Framework / Insider Threat Program Hub / Working Group
    What Are The Essential Data Sources That Will Support An Insider Threat Program (Data Collection & Analysis, Technical, Non-Technical)

  • How To Develop An Insider Threat Program Policy And Implementation Plan (Templates Supplied)

  • The Importance Of Creating Insider Threat Program NDA's, Rules Of Behavior (Template Supplied)

  • How To Build Insider Threat Awareness Into The Workforce To Detect And Report Potential Insider Threats (Insider Threat Awareness DVD's Provided)

  • How To Detect Activity Indicative Of Insider Threat Behavior With User Activity Monitoring Tools

  • How To Handle Insider Threat Inquiries, Investigations & Case Management

  • The Technical / Non-Technical Threats That Can Be Utilized By Insiders For Malicious Purposes

  • How To Conduct Insider Threat Risk Assessment To Identify Vulnerabilities



What Does The Training Include?

Insider Threat Program Management (ITPM) Handbook
The ITPM Handbook Provides: (130+ Pages)

  • Guidance for developing or enhancing an organization’s Insider Threat Program, and numerous checklists that provide an organization the ability to assess its vulnerability to Insider Threats.

  • The checklists in this handbook are a series of self-audit questions that point to the presence or absence of policies, procedures, training, safeguards, technologies or best practices that must be considered by Counterintelligence (CI), Security, Information Assurance (IA), Human Resources-Personnel Security and other management personnel as proactive measures to minimize the Insider Threat. These checklists will provide immediate steps, recommendation and best practices that can be taken to further mitigate any damages that could me caused by malicious Insiders.



Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training Course Student DVD Toolkit

  • The DVD is filled with training materials, Insider Threat Program Policy templates, Insider Threat Program Support Personnel Non-Disclosure Agreement template, Insider Threat Program Information Sharing MOU-MOA template, Insider Threat Awareness and Education materials and other resources to help develop, implement and manage an Insider Threat Program.



Insider Threat Program Manager - Senior Official (ITPMSO ) Certificate
The ITPMSO Certificate will validate and provide confidence to employers and DSS that the ITPMSO;

  • Understands the minimum standards and guidance for implementation of an Insider Threat Program per NISPOM Conforming Change 2.

  • Has the knowledge, skills and resources to develop, implement and manage or support an Insider Threat Program.

  • Can effectively communicate with the many individuals that support an Insider Threat Program / Insider Threat Program Working Group.

  • Can conduct Insider Threat Risk Assessment to identify vulnerabilities, and provide actionable risk mitigation strategies to detect, deter and mitigate Insider Threats.



Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training - Students Evaluations & Comments

  • The Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training Course will meet and exceed the NISPOM Conforming Change 2 - Insider Threat Program requirements, providing you with the knowledge and resources to design and implement a robust Insider Threat Program.

  • Past students are rating the Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training in the "Above Average" to "Excellent" Category. Student comments are stating that the training is one the most comprehensive, structured, holistic, resourceful and affordable courses available. (References Available Upon Request)
    Student Evaluations



What Is The Difference Between Our Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training And Insider Threat Program Training Offered By Other Companies-Organizations

  • Insider Threat Defense training and services go beyond National Insider Threat Policy & NISPOM Conforming Change 2 Requirements. (Compliance Does Not = Security)

  • Students don't just leave our training with a wealth of new knowledge, they leave with a large variety of resources to assist them in implementing an Insider Threat Program.

  • Insider Threat Defense has successfully demonstrated to our students and clients the many insider threat risks that other training companies-organizations fail to address, and will put an organizations assets at risk.

  • Insider Threat Defense addresses Insider Threat Program Development Training / Management with a "Real World" approach using an Insider Threat Enterprise Risk Management 360 (ITERM360 ) methodology.

  • Insider Threat Defense training and services executes the "Insiders Playbook" of potential breach scenarios, to find holes in security defenses, before an Insider does.


Upcoming Training Classes

Dates for upcoming training classes (Instructor Led / Web Based Training) are being planned for 2019 throughout the U.S., and will be posted soon. Please check back for more details.


Interested in having a class taught to your security group / chapter or other organization? Please call to discuss further.


Host A Training Class - Receive FREE Training

Interested in hosting a class for multiple companies? (Your Company Will Receive A Free Seat In The Class For Hosting The Training). Please call to discuss further.




Insider Threat Defense Offers The Following Training And Services

We provide a broad portfolio of training and services to potential clients, that will address "Insider Threat Risks" with a cost effective, comprehensive and holistic approach.

  • Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training Course (Non Government - Private Sector)

  • Insider Threat Program Working Group Training Course

  • Cyber Threat-Insider Threat Workshop For CEO's And Board Of Directors

  • Insider Threat Awareness Briefings / Training For Workforce

  • Insider Threat Program Personnel Knowledge And Skills Assessment

  • Agent Surefire Insider Threat Investigation Game

  • Insider Threat Program Development & Management Guidance / Consulting

  • Insider Threat User Activity Monitoring Tools (Guidance / Implementation)

  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments /  Mitigation Guidance

  • Insider Threat Data Exfiltration Testing

  • Employee Continuous Evaluation And Reporting Service

  • E-Mail Phishing Testing Service / Cyber Threat Awareness Training

  • For More Information Please See: Insider Threat Defense - Insider Threat Risk Management Training And Services Catalog



Contact Information

Jim Henderson, CISSP, CCISO
CEO Insider Threat Defense, Inc.
Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training Course Instructor
Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor & Mitigation Specialist

Founder / Chairman Of The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group
Phone: 888-363-7241 / 561-809-6800
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